Emmanuelle Huynh is a French performance artist with Vietnamese roots. She is one of the artists in residence for Villa Saigon 2020, an initiative of the French Institute.

Brice Godard followed Emmanuelle Huynh during her trip and portrayed her against the skyline of the modern(ising) Vietnam.

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A body of work centered on abstract architectural photography. This series aims to give new meaning to details and re-establish connections between an architect’s stylistic vision and how we view their buildings.



Noirfoto, Saigon

STELLAR (2018)


The Stellar macrophotography works of Brice Godard explore the similarities between the infinitely big and the infinitely small.

Inside a bowl of everyday products (milk, ink and colors), he found nebulas, supernovas, surfaces of planets and even the effect of gravity that rules the universe.

Fine art printed by: Bạch Nam Hải – VG-Lab


Noirfoto, Saigon
Indika, Saigon
Rouge Zigzag, Saigon

Edit and Animation: Javier Marimón